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Title: Forum Rules [Read Now]
Post by: SudenKaamos on October 11, 2008, 07:47:50 am
So, here you'll have to read the forum rules, Sorry if my english is bad at some points  ::)

Okay so this is the second board I'm administrating, It's still growing and will have lots of improvements on the road  ;D So be nice in the beginning  ;)

Okay, rules for this forum:


You can post almost all you wish, but there's some limitations:

No pointless swearing! One or two agreed, but no more and keep F**K words easy, and certanly ABSOLUTELY NO BEHIND BACK TALKING! That's just not acceptable.

Do not insult another users OR Admin. First time will result in a warning, second time you're out! I won't accept that kind of behavior.

Use the Engilsh language, Do not speak in any other language, some phrases are accepted but please do translate if you really have to. That will result in removal of post and a warning.

Do not post anything illegial! Like child ****, that will result in an direct ban. Child **** is illegial, but a child naked is not, but still keep images like that out of here.

Do not talk annything sexual or what you like in "privates". Keep that out of here, posts like that will be immediately deleted and you'll recieve an warning!

And no sexual or non sexual harrasment, will result in an immidiate ban!

no piracy or Thepiratebay links

So behave while posting, and we all will have a great time.


Have only ONE account! If I find you're a double, I will remove your other account and warn you (I chose wich account I wish to delete). I really don't like banning but that's just something you have to do.

Do not missuse anyone else's info, I won't tolerate that. If you pretend to be someone else, you're out and no coming back! no questions asked!

If you want your account deleted, come to an Admin and ask. But you better be wearing a good reason. and if I delete your account, I'm gonna write up you IP and see if you come back. if you come back fastly You're out! If you have to rest from the forum then you have to, a week is not enough, if that's the time you're planning to stay away, then don't post here anymore or visit for a week.

No offensive Avatars or signatures! Don't put anything offensive to your Signatures or avatars. Those will be deleted and you'll get and warning!
if you're unsure, please ask me first personally.

Considering warnings, Two warnings will result in an ban! you can be unbanned if I see that necessary.

And then considering E-mails, Don't spam mine, and I won't spam yours. I you're spamming my email or anyone spamming someone else's, you're out faster than you know!


Considering adult content, Linked is preferred ('cause we allow minors), and ABSOLUTELY NO ****! If I see you're post **** here, I will delete the content and you'll recieve an warning. Virtual nudity is tolerated but no sex games!


Do not ask for moderating rights, I see when moderators are necessary. If you want to become a mod, then I'll decide if you become one, not you. I personally don't see to need them yet, I can handle moderating here so far.

Thanks for reading, Any feedback or suggestions welcome.

And then something abut you hoster:

So, I've now created this forum 'cause I wanted an own website. I've been trying to vanish from many places lately, but I didn't. And I wanted to create a sanctuary for gaming somewhere, a place where almost anything abut games is allowed. So here go nuts as far as you obey rules. And for the record, I don't like to ban people. I've been myself banned once, And it hurted like hell. So for your own good, be nice.

These rules apply on every board, so before starting to post please read this, thank you.

P.S. Sorry for all the ads, the forum is located on a free server  :-\

Title: Re: Forum Rules [Read Now]
Post by: SudenKaamos on October 16, 2008, 01:34:19 pm
Remember this forum is still in developing stage! Some icons will be replaced and new smilies will be added, but I'm now opening this for public use!  ;D


Title: Re: Forum Rules [Read Now]
Post by: SudenKaamos on October 16, 2008, 01:54:18 pm
And just one note more to guests  ;) There's even more boards beyond what you can see. Register and you'll get the whole package!