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Title: SK, me SudenKaamos says hi!
Post by: SudenKaamos on October 16, 2008, 01:08:59 pm
Hello all! So I'm your hoster: SudenKaamos :) I just established this forum and gave you some starting topics to post in and more pomises  :D! And anyone wondering abut this second member DummyMember? Okay it's a test-rabbit for trying out how different stuff works around here. But whatever some chit chat regarding me:

I live in Vantaa, Finland. My hobbies are Oblivion modding, Music, Drawing and Gaming. I'm writing songs too, I gonna post something when I feel like it. Over 185cm, weight dunno I havn't looked in a while  ::) My real name is Robert, I've been posting on different forums already like TesEC and GVZ. My names are TESEC-Helvetti CoC-Helvetti CI&HD- Helvetti* TESNEXUS-Vipresa GVZ-Vipresa and this forum SudenKaamos. I apologize for that many names, a mistake  :-\ I speak three languages (though here English is only allowed) Finnish, Swedish, English and I'm studying French. Have plans for Russian too  :-X. So, this is me  :P

*Sorry no hotmail emails pissed me off XD